Weedol: Weed Control the Easy Way

The coronavirus outbreak and subsequent rules on social distancing means that lots of people have plenty of unexpected spare time on their hands. That, combined with the fine spring weather means it's a perfect time to get on with preparing your garden for the coming summer.

Greengate's, your local builders' merchant, supplies a comprehensive array of products designed to help you improve your garden. One of these products is Weedol Weed Killer, which is the subject of this week's edition of our blog.

Put simply, Weedol is one of the most reliable ways to permanently eradicate weeds from your garden. The product's active ingredient is diquat, a chemical so effective at controlling weeds that it has been trusted by gardeners for almost five decades. Whether used in flower beds, on lawns, along fences, under hedges, between rows of vegetables of on paths and patios, Weedol is guaranteed to deliver a rapid and reliable solution to the problem of weed growth.

The weather in the UK can best be described as unpredictable and so it's no surprise when a sunny day turns quickly into a rainy nightmare! With Weedol, this needn't be a worry: the formula is designed to be rainfast just 10 minutes after application, letting you sow seeds or introduce new plants as soon as the liquid dries. Inactivated on contact with soil, Weedol is only damaging to green plants.

Weedol Wedd Killer is supplied in handy pre-measured sachets, each of which is sufficient to treat an area of ground up to 30 square metres in size. Simply mix the granules with water and apply!

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