Whack those Weeds with Weedol!

After a long, cold, wet and windy winter, it's VERY good to know that Sunday 20th March is the official start of springtime in the UK! It's not only people that will enjoy the weather getting warmer: weeds rather like it too and anyone with a garden will know the misery that these green invaders can cause. Not only do they look unsightly, but they can also cause severe damage to other plants.

Weedol is a reliable, proven solution to the problem and is in fact one of the best-selling weed control solutions available on the market today. Greengates, your local builder's merchant, is a proud supplier of Weedol which, like every other product in our portfolio, is made available to our customers at the most competitive price.

So, what makes Weedol such an excellent method of weed control? The formula's active ingredient is diquat, a chemical that has been used to eradicate even the hardiest of weeds for well over four decades. A single sachet contains sufficient formula to effectively treat up to 30 square metres of ground surface and can be used successfully on patios, paths, flowerbeds, lawns and even between rows of vegetables.

Though springtime brings more sunshine and higher temperatures, it also brings inevitable rain showers. That's not a problem when using Weedol; if it rains more than ten minutes after application there's nothing to worry about as the formula will not wash away and its effect will not be reduced.

Contact with the soil inactivates the formula but causes no damage to it, so you can get to work sowing seeds or placing plants from the moment the liquid has fully dried. Weedol only affects green plants and does not penetrate brown bark so it can be safely used around the bases of established bushes, shrubs and trees.

When using Weedol, results are fast. Weeds will die within just a few days and the results are even faster in warm and sunny weather, which is just one more reason to look forward to its arrival!

Weedol comes in the form of granules, which are supplied in convenient pre-measured sachets. The granules are simply mixed with water according to the instructions and the mixture is applied to plants using a standard watering can.

For more details about Weedol, check out the Greengates website. If you need any further advice or information, our team can be contacted directly to provide it.

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