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Winter Essentials from your Local Builders Merchant

The previous edition of the Greengates builders merchant blog showcased some of the many products we supply that can be used to make working in winter easier, safer and more successful. We continue with the winter theme in this article, sharing information on a selection of essential product ranges we have available for the coming cold season

Velux Roof Windows

One aspect of winter in the UK that is widely complained about is the shortened length of daytime and the subsequent lack of natural light. This can have many negative effects on health, mood and general wellbeing; some people are so badly affected that they suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a medically recognised health condition that can cause severe depression and lethargy. Roof windows from top brand Velux are designed to allow the maximum amount of natural light to flood into a property and so can provide much-needed relief from the dark days of winter.

In addition, Velux roof windows help to ventilate a property, minimising the potential for condensation and the damp problems it can cause. Greengate's is a proud official supplier of a comprehensive range of Velux roof windows and accessories at the most competitive price. 


Energy prices are set to rise to record levels and so proper insulation has never been more important. At Greengate's, we supply an extensive collection of insulation products including fibreglass, multifoil, polystyrene, rigid and vermiculite fill insulation, among other professional options.

Clothing and Footwear

When working outside during the winter, it's essential that you wear top-quality protective clothing. At Greengate's, your local builder's merchant, you can choose from a vast array of premium safety clothing and footwear like thermal gloves, jackets, hats, wellington boots and much more. We also offer access to a full collection of hi-vis clothing, which is of extra importance in the winter months due to diminished natural light.

Check out the Greengates website to discover many more items that will allow you to work safely and efficiently during the coming winter. Everything we supply is guaranteed to be of absolute professional quality and made available to our customers at a consistently competitive price point.

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