Work Through Winter with K-Rend Products!

Greengates Builders Merchant is a proud supplier of rendering products and accessories designed and manufactured by leading brand K-Rend. Established for almost three decades, K-Rend has grown to become the largest independent manufacturer of silicone render in the UK, continually evolving and innovating to meet changing demands.

K-Rend products have been featured on a number of popular television programmes, such as DIY SOS, Restoration Man and Grand Designs. The brand's achievements have been recognised in the form of several awards and accolades, notably Penlaw's highly-coveted 'Manufacturer of the Year' award. 

Rigorous independent testing is regularly carried out on K-Rend products to ensure that all relevant health, safety and quality standards are met or even exceeded. The majority of the brand's exceptional collection of rendering products carry a 30-year accreditation by the NSAI and BBA, giving customers complete confidence when choosing K-Rend to facilitate their professional work.

The cold weather of winter and the early part of spring make all types of construction work more challenging and rendering projects are no exception. Adopting a forward-thinking approach and continually innovating, the experts at K-Rend have created products that help solve these challenges, ensuring that vital work can continue even when conditions are difficult. 

When it comes to rendering, the weather during autumn and spring can cause numerous problems, including wet substrates, slow drying, product wash-off and even limebloom. To overcome such problems, K-Rend products have been engineered for use in temperatures down to 5°C, with some even allowing work to continue in temperatures as low as just 1°C. In addition, the brand's products have been designed to dry quickly and completely; this means that even the shortest window of dry weather can be taken advantage of, with users confident that the product will fully dry before the next period of wet weather arrives. 

A signature product from the exceptional range is K-Rend Accelerator, which is supplied by Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington in highly cost-effective containers, each of which holds a massive of 20 litres; just 0.2 litres of the formula is required for each 25kg bag of render. As the name suggests, K-Rend Accelerator speeds up curing times, allowing the render to be scraped much earlier and thus reducing the time it takes to complete any given job. 

Used to replace a small amount of gauging water, K-Rend Accelerator is simply added to the render mix. The liquid additive can be used successfully in cold conditions and has zero effect on the render's finished aesthetic appearance. 

Find out more about this product, along with details of our full K-Rend range, on the Greengates website. 

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