For the Best Construction Adhesives, Stick with Greengate's!

As part of the extensive range of building materials supplied by Greengate's, your local builders merchant, there are several different types of adhesives available to suit any job. This collection of adhesives includes:

Everbuild 711 Rapid Set Flexiplus Tile Adhesive

Boasting an extremely high bond strength and excellent water resistance, Rapid Set Flexiplus from leading brand Everbuild is a cement-based polymer-modified powdered tile adhesive. The formula, which can be used with equal success for both internal and external applications, is designed to be rapid-setting, allowing ceramic floor tiling projects to be fixed and grouted in a single day.

Everbuild Stixall Extreme Power

Another quality product from Everbuild, Stixall is the ultimate building adhesive and sealant. The adhesive is manufactured using hybrid polymer technology, resulting in a formula that is designed to stick virtually everything to anything, even when used in the rain or underwater. Once cured, a process that occurs extremely rapidly in comparison to other adhesives, the solvent-free formula is resistant to chemicals, UV radiation and extremes of temperature.

Beko Allcon 10 Construction Adhesive

An extremely versatile product, Beko Allcon 10 Construction Adhesive can be used to successfully bond a wide range of materials, including timber, metal, concrete, ceramics, plastic, foam, acrylic, marble and stone. Applied with a standard caulking gun and without the need for primer, the product can be put under stress after just 10 minutes and, whether used indoors or outdoors, can be painted and varnished over as required.

These are just three of the many different types of adhesives available from Greengate's. As with our entire product portfolio, you are guaranteed the most competitive price in addition to our impeccable customer service. Browse the website to discover all of your adhesive options. Greengate's - your local builders merchant.

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